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PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for new applications is Monday 15th November 2021.

We will not be accepting new applications after this date.


Thank you for your interest in applying for assistance from the Manx Solidarity Fund.


We appreciate your difficult circumstances and can assure you that all applications will be considered fairly and as swiftly as possible.


The Manx Solidarity Team represent a broad cross-section of the Manx community. All of them are offering their time on a voluntary basis in order to enable some of those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to get the support they need.


Given this, and coupled with the volume of applications we expect to receive, applicants should expect to wait some time before hearing back while their application is processed and assessed. We appreciate your patience during this period.


Unfortunately, we can’t put a general timescale on how long we expect this to take. We are, however, trying to establish a tracking system for uploaded applications and will advise when this is implemented.


Finally, we do need to explain that:

  • Not all applications will be successful

  • The pay-out on applications will be determined by the resources available to us, which are the financial donations received into the Fund

If you have further questions, you can see our Frequently Asked Questions for more information, or contact us at

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